Thursday, March 3, 2011


i sometimes think i am a very strange person to know, and at other times i just think i am as generic as the rest of the world. it depends on my mood i guess, and ever so subtly, my opinion of myself will change so completely. an odd thing i have also come to realise and think so much about, are thoughts, you know what i mean -  recurring ideas in your mind that your convinced that only you and you alone have felt, wondered or discovered. i continue to wonder wether they are really my own. 

its made me think a lot about the ability to get in a person's mind and really see whats going on - in the most curious and least stalker-ish way possible. i think if you really want to get to know somebody a little peep into their personals gives you a good indicator of whats going on.. so i often look at bedrooms or homes. is this odd? i dont know! i wonder what these people are like. 

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