Sunday, December 12, 2010

weekend dramaz

As you may know from my other blog TTHUMPER, i recently snapped off my front tooth, leaving a rather hideous and simultaneously hilarious gap in the middle of my mouth. Unfortunately matters have taken a turn for the worst and my weekend plans have got to be canceled due to the glue from the dentist not doing its job and making me toothless once again due to the culprit of a mango! Last night was the launch of Hopscotch a nightclub recently opened on oxford street by a close friend of mine's boyfriend. If your in sydney it would be worth your while to hop on over and check it out! Before the launch Marnee and i had the opportunity to go to Jack Johnson in the domain! He was so chilled out, his wife and kids were adorable, running up an down backstage with skateboards, it was so sweet. Looks like my plans of heading into the cross have got to be shutdown due to that mango but a girls night in might be just what i need!

Video from JJ

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